A One Minute Summary

An accomplished author, marketer, word-slinger and avid relationship builder.  Kelly is a creative, non-linear thinking individual. Skilled in project management, concept development, event logistics and crossing the finish line. A visionary who turns ideas into projects and projects into profits.

Her book, The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To The Funky And Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland exemplifies her distinct  style of thinking outside the box, while refining a concept that resonates and engages with a broad audience. The Best Places To Pee gained national recognition on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and has an international fan base.

As a Portlander, Kelly is innovative, ambitious, and community-conscious. A strong believer and advocate for the change-making good nonprofit organizations provide our community. Kelly is active giver of her time and resources in support of these valiant missions.

Kelly is a skilled creative, connector, and leader. She thrives in environments where she can participate as a key contributor, effect positive change, and provide value while delivering results. If you wish to involve Kelly in creative work or co-work; or have a project you’d like her to implement; or maybe you’d like to see if she talks in third person in person— drop her a line. She’d love to hear from you.



Project Management

Book: The Best Places To Pee: A Guide To The Funky and Fabulous Bathrooms of Portland

  • Developed concept
  • Researched and wrote engaging copy
  • Communicated design vision and worked hand in hand with graphic designer
  • Negotiated contracts with printers, retailers and distributors
  • Maintained budgets and deadlines
  • Built positive relationships with support team based on collaboration, professionalism, and enthusiasm


  • Avid relationship builder and networker
  • Planned and implemented multiple book tour appearances and events
  • Executed development of social media platforms and websites
  • Curated content for social media to optimize exposure
  • Sought out and coordinated strategic advertising


  • Developed personal branding leading to contract work and on-air personality segments
  • Garnered a reputation as an “expert” and ambassador for Portland, gaining status as an influencer and promoter within social media
  • Visionary and creative risk-taking: turning ideas into projects and projects into profits
  • Successfully engaged with ‘You Economy’ platforms resulting in profits, team development and mentoring others for success



Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice                                                                                                                               Kent State University 1997