Bee Local: Terroir Based Honey

Honey, how sweet it is. How thick, how blackberry, how fireweed…?

I had no idea! Having always been a honey bear type of gal, I had no clue that honey could taste like anything more than, well honey. Until now...

Honey comb-oisseurs are raving about the terroir-based honey varietals that Bee Local, a Portland based company, is jarring up. Much like a vineyard whose grapes absorb flavors from their soil, geographical location and climate— terroir-based honey hives produced honey with distinct characteristics that reflect their environment. Richard Grunert, a writer for Willamette Week, sums it up this way:

Honey is bee vomit. The little buzzers suck up nectar from various plants and spit it into honeycomb to ripen. And, like vomit, the look and taste of a batch depends entirely on what the bees eat.

Bee Local harvests honey from 11 Portland neighborhoods, each jar hand-labeled with it’s location and production number. You can choose from honey that embodies Portland’s Farmland with deep blue and blackberry notes and a lovely floral finish; or the Willamette Valley, harvested from Northern Oregon’s most fertile valley bordered by hops, vineyards and berry farms; or Mt Hood honey, cultivated by the laid back mountain bees who only took the job so they could be closer to the mountain spending their free time on the wicked slopes. These little buzzers produce a honey with flavors such as lupine, alpine, pipeline ( ha, I added that one but it fits so perfectly) and fireweed.

Just as the price differs tremendously for wine out of a box and wine out of a bottle, this honeys price tag is a bit pricer than that his adorable honey bear cousin—an 8.6-ounce jar costs $13-$15.

Check out Bee Local for stores, online ordering, as well as other bee related services offered.