Experience The Willamette Valley From A Helicopter

Enjoy Oregon's Willamette Valley from the ground up! A helicopter tour over the vineyards is beautiful and more affordable than you might think with Konect Aviation.  Last week while attending the wine club picnic at Stoller Vineyards, which incidentally is one of my favorite wineries in the Willamette Valley, Konect Aviation was on site offering helicopter tours of the surrounding vineyards.

Without having to be asked twice, we immediately said “yes” and boarded the 4 seater helicopter.  We clicked our seatbelts and adjusted our headsets, then took a half dozen pictures of each other wearing those headsets. There’s just something about wearing those headsets and talking through the microphone that are seems so adventurous!  

It felt effortless reaching our soaring height, high above the vineyards. We did experience some wind and that was a little nerve racking.  The helicopter is so light, it can get carried along a little with the wind current—but that was minor and the views were major, so our nerves settled as quickly as the wind did.

Our pilot pointed out all the wineries and was able to label the surrounding regions as we flew past. When it was time to land, it was precise and the descent was gentle with a touchdown that was so soft.

Konect Aviation is based out of McMinnville and offers an array of flight tour destinations and lengths.  Flights start at $138 for 2 people and can be customized to include a destination of your choice.