ZooBomb PDX

Photo credit: Patrick Campbell Photography

Photo credit: Patrick Campbell Photography

Portland is known for being a city that is known for its bike-enthusiasts, being bike-friendly, and having many bike-centric folks. It’s also known as a city that invents, embraces and exalts both the legitimate and the quirky. Here’s one of those quirky, yet legitimate, thrills you can only experience in Portland, OR --Zoobomb!

Walking past the intersection at SW 13th and West Burnside you can't help but notice the pastel-colored, trike-sized and banana boat seat rigged bikes that are piled into a tower and chained to a vertical pole topped with a gold-leafed bicycle figure.

Although these bikes may be miniature they are used for big size fun, fondly known as Zoobomb.

Every Sunday night a group of thrill-seeking, bike-enthusiasts unchain these bikes, pump up the tires, do a safety check and perform minor tune-ups, then head to Portland’s light rail system, the MAX, and ride the line up to the Zoo. Once all the Zoobombers have gathered together at the top, they prepare to zoom down the careening hill en masses on an eclectic collection of bikes.

Portland is the only place Zoobombing exists. The ride is often repeated several times in an evening. The city has sanctioned this event, the Mayor has even participated in this event. A medic trails along at the back of the pack and is there to assist if need be, the surrounding neighbors have no issue with this weekly event and the Zoobombers make it a point to leave no trace behind. Participants say it’s a rush like no other and it’s a thrilling way to end the weekend.

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